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Town of Dennis, Massachusetts
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Leash Law
Leashing and restraining. 

A.  Any person owning, keeping, or being responsible for a dog shall not allow nor permit said dog to run at large on any of the streets or public places in the Town of Dennis or upon any private property, unless the owner or lawful occupant of such property grants permission therefore. 

B.  No dog shall be allowed or permitted in any public place or street within the Town unless it is effectively restrained and controlled by a chain or other form of leash that is sufficient to hold the dog, or unless it is under the immediate and effective voice control of a handler, or unless it is within and confined to a motor vehicle. 

Dogs picked up stray will be returned to their owner if possible, the odds being much higher if the dog is wearing a current Dennis dog license or is microchiped. 

Unidentified stray dogs are brought to the Animal Rescue League in Brewster, and held until an owner claims the dog.  The dog owner may reclaim their dog from the Animal Rescue League after licensing the dog in Dennis if the dog owner is a Dennis resident.  Dog owners must pay a board fee to the Animal Rescue League for each day the animal is impounded. The Animal Rescue League can be reached at (508) 255-1030 between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM Monday through Saturday.

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