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Town of Dennis, Massachusetts
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Insurance Advisory Committee
Contact TypeContact Information
PO Box 2060
South Dennis, MA  02660
508-394-8300 Ext 154
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Term Expiration
Anne Clancy
Chairman / AFSCME
Dean Guite
Vice Chair / IBPO Patrol Officer
Wayne Mayo
Member / IAFF Firefighters
William Monahan
Member / Police Superior Officers
Peter DiMatteo
Member / IBPO Police Sergeants
Paul Wightman
Member / SEIU-B
Elbert Ulshoeffer
Member / Retiree
Insurance Advisory Committee Membership and Charge

The Board of Selectmen shall appoint a committee to be known as the Insurance Advisory Committee, hereinafter referred to as the Committee. Pursuant to the provisions of Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 32B, Section 3, the Committee shall be composed of eight members as follows: seven (7) persons to be duly elected or appointed to membership on the Committee by organizations (formal or otherwise) of employee groups of the Town of Dennis, and one (1) member who shall be a retiree of the Town of Dennis to be appointed by the Board of Selectmen.

Prior to the purchase or execution of insurance agreements or contracts as identified in M.G.L. Chapter 32B, Section 1 affecting active Town employees, their spouses or dependents, or former employees of the Town of Dennis, having retired, and their spouses or dependents who may be eligible, the Board of Selectmen shall consult and advise the Committee for the purpose of receiving written recommendations of a majority of the membership of the Committee. The Selectmen, through its Town Administrator, or health insurance provider(s) shall provide the Committee with detailed information on the introduction of new insurance plans or changes to existing plans. The Committee shall establish a procedure to provide a reasonable opportunity for all interested employees and retirees to meet with it so that the recommendations of the Committee will be a fair representation of Dennis employees and retirees. The Selectmen shall provide sufficient notice to the Committee of any proposed new plans changes to existing plans, and the Committee shall conduct their timely review. In the event that the Committee submits its recommendation to the Board of Selectmen, the Selectmen shall consider and take it under advisement. If the Selectmen find that the Committee's recommendations, in whole or in part, cannot be included within the aforementioned insurance agreements or contracts, the Board shall so notify the Committee.

At the written request of any member of the Committee within thirty (30) days from the effective date of the agreements or contracts, the Selectmen shall submit to said member in writing the reason(s) for the rejection of any or all of the recommendations of the Committee. The Selectmen, in addition to the execution of insurance agreements or contracts, may also submit to the Committee for its review pursuant to the above noted paragraph, other changes affecting insurance benefits as described in Ch. 32B, as amended, to Dennis employees, retirees, their spouses and dependents. The Committee shall meet as often as necessary to complete the tasks associated with its charge. Members of the Committee shall be appointed annually. All meetings of the Committee or any subcommittee established by the Committee are to be held in a public location, properly posted and open to the public, in accordance with the Massachusetts Open Meeting Law. Minutes of each meeting shall be prepared and approved by the Committee within a reasonable time after said meeting and distributed to the Board of Selectmen. Committee members shall be mindful of their attendance obligations at Committee meetings as identified in Section 5-10 of the Town of Dennis By-Laws.

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