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Town of Dennis, Massachusetts
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Beach Regulations
Beach Rules and Regulations


I. Parking

Admission to parking at the Town Beach Areas as designated shall be governed by the following:

A.      Public Parking Areas

                NORTH SIDE BEACHES                                              SOUTH SIDE BEACHES

Chapin Memorial Beach
West Dennis Beach
Mayflower Beach
South Village Beach
Bayview Beach
Haigis Beach
Corporation Beach
Glendon Road Beach
Howes Street Beach
Sea Street Beach, Dennisport
Sea Street Beach, East Dennis
Raycroft Beach
Scargo Beach
Depot Street Beach
Princess Beach
Inman Road Beach
Metcalf Memorial Beach

Resident Only Parking Areas

NORTH SIDE BEACHES                                                              SOUTH SIDE BEACHES

Bayview Beach
West Dennis Beach (east lot only)
Cold Storage Beach
South Village Beach (south lot only)
Harborview Beach


B.        A real estate taxpayer or a year round resident in the Town of Dennis, Massachusetts, may secure a Dennis Vehicle Pass for each motor vehicle registered or leased in his name, his spouse’s name, his company, or his minor dependent, which is valid in all of the above areas for a fee set by the Board of Selectmen.  If the property is in a trust, only trustees are entitled to a vehicle pass.

C.        Any person not entitled under Section (B) above to receive a Dennis Vehicle Pass may request an administrative review of his claim by the Board of Selectmen or its duly authorized Agent.  The decision of the Board or its Agent as to the issuance of the vehicle pass shall be final. 

D.        Any person may secure a weekly vehicle pass for all the designated public parking areas for a fee, as set by the Board of Selectmen 

E.         All persons shall be charged a Beach Parking Fee for use of the above mentioned areas set by the Board of Selectmen.  Upon payment of their fee, a receipt shall be displayed as to be visible. 

F.         Commercial and other type buses carrying more than (15) persons will not be permitted to park in the lots.  They will be required to drop off and pick up in a designated area. 

G.        Each pass shall bear the registration number and make of the vehicle for which it has been issued and shall be valid ONLY for that vehicle.  The pass is only valid if it is attached to the passenger side front bumper as directed.  An invalid sticker will be removed from the vehicle on which it was found and that vehicle will receive a police violation.  A vehicle with dealer plates will require a special permit with the photos of the property owner included.  This vehicle will only be allowed into the lot with one of the property owners in the vehicle.   

H.        Pass entitles vehicle to a single parking space.  Vehicles will be required to pay for any additional spaces they occupy. 

I.          No person shall park or cause a motor vehicle to be left or parked in the above described areas during posted beach hours without displaying a daily pass or sticker, affixed to his or her vehicle as described above.  The penalty for parking in violation of this provision shall be Fifty dollars ($50.00) and shall be enforced in accordance with Massachusetts General Law Chapter 90, section 20 A1/2.  Violators may be towed from a Resident Lot at owner’s expense.


II.        Regulations

1.                  Beaches are staffed by lifeguards only during posted hours.  Beach use is at individual’s own risk. 

2.                  No alcoholic beverages will be permitted on the beaches or in the parking areas at ANY TIME. 

3.         No smoking will be permitted on the beaches or in the beach parking areas at ANY TIME. 

4.         No littering will be permitted on the beaches or in the parking areas at ANY TIME.  No glass containers or bottles shall be allowed on the beach or in the parking areas at any time. 

5.         No person will be permitted in the fenced-in or otherwise posted area of the dunes at ANY TIME. 

6.         No selling, advertising, soliciting or giving away of goods or services will be permitted on the beaches or parking areas, except by concessionaire under contract with the Town of Dennis or with prior approval of the Board of Selectmen.  

7.         Unless otherwise authorized, beaches and beach parking areas are closed to the general public during posted hours as determined by the Board of Selectmen. 

8.         No animals or pets will be permitted on the beaches, in the parking areas, or in unattended vehicles in the parking areas AT ANY TIME from the Friday of Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day. 

9.         Access to Town owned beach parking areas may be restricted at the discretion of the appropriate Town Agents at any time. 

10.       Public nudity, including public nude bathing, by any person on the Dennis public beaches is prohibited.  Gender-appropriate bathing suits or clothing are required at all times. 

11.       Use of open fires is prohibited at all times.  The use of grills must be permitted only in designated parking areas with prior approval from the Beach Department. 

12.       Rollerblades, skateboards, roller skates and scooters are prohibited from all Town beach parking lots when staffed. 

13.       Windsurfing and board rigging at West Dennis Beach are restricted to the designated area for said purpose and access to the beach is limited to specified pathways.  No rigging shall occur within the dunes at any beach.  Equipment shall not be left in the parking lot in such a manner to occupy an additional parking space. 

14.       No boating, fishing, windsurfing, kite boarding, paddle boarding or scuba diving will be permitted in areas designated by lifeguards and or swim buoys as swimming areas. 

15.       No radio or any other audio device by which sound may be reproduced and/or amplified shall be operated on any beach or parking facility owned and operated by the Town of Dennis in such a manner as to be audible beyond a radius of 15 feet from its location. 

16.       No individual or group of individuals will be granted reserved parking places. 

17.       No ball playing, tossing of Frisbees, or other objects will be permitted with out expressed permission of the lifeguard and in areas to be designated by the lifeguards or appropriate Town Agents. 

18.       The use of airborne devices including, but not limited to: drones, planes, personal jetpacks, other motorized flying devices are prohibited unless authorized at the discretion of an appropriate Town Agent and lifeguard. 

19.       Use of rafts, inflatable or umbrellas, skim boards, tents, or kites may be prohibited as directed by appropriate Town Agents and lifeguards. 

20.       No canopies larger than 10’ x 10’ are allowed on the beach.  Canopies must be located behind or parallel to the lifeguard stands and be no closer than 10’ to a boardwalk or may be placed at the discretion of an appropriate Town Agent or lifeguard.

21.       Children under ten (10) years of age must be accompanied by an adult or person responsible for his or her behavior within the beach area. 

22.       Town officials, lifeguards, and beach monitors must be obeyed in the enforcement of these regulations and in any other situation in which the judgment of the lifeguard or appropriate town agent must be exercised for the protection and safety of persons using the beach facilities. 

23.       Regulation No.1 through 10 will be in effect at all times during the year.  Regulations No. 11-21 inclusive will be in effect during posted beach hours. 

24.       Any violation of the above regulations may result in a criminal complaint for which a fine of not more than three hundred dollars ($300.00) may be imposed for each offense.  As an alternative to the criminal complaint process an enforcement official may issue a non-criminal violation notice with a fine of fifty dollars ($50.00) for any violation of these regulations pursuant to the provision of Massachusetts General Law 40-21D and Town of Dennis By-law.


As amended March 16, 2015

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