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Town of Dennis, Massachusetts
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Transfer Station and Recycling Area Rules and Regulations
Rules and Regulations

The following regulations are adopted by the Dennis Board of Health in accordance with the provisions of MGL, chapter III, Section 31. Violations of these regulations shall be punishable by a fine of not more than five hundred dollars ($500) per incident. Non-criminal procedures may also be used to enforce these regulations

The Board of Selectmen, acting as a Board of Public Works for the Town of Dennis, shall have power and are hereby empowered to take such measures as they shall deem effective for the disposal of refuse in the Town of Dennis under the following rules and regulations. The daily operation of the disposal area shall be under the supervision of the Superintendent of Public Works or designee, acting as agent for the Board of Selectmen.


For the purpose of this regulation, certain words and terms are defined as follows:

a. “Department” shall mean the Department of Public Works of the Town of Dennis.

b. “Superintendent” shall mean the Superintendent of Public Works of the Town of Dennis or designee.

c. “Board” shall mean the Board of Selectmen.

d. “Garbage” shall mean all putrescible animal or vegetable wastes.

e. “Refuse” shall mean all waste substance including garbage, combustible and noncombustible wastes.

f. “Bulk Refuse” shall mean discarded household furniture, bedding and mattresses, hot water heaters and other metal wastes. “White Goods” shall mean large appliances, including stoves, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, etc.

g. “Demolition Debris” shall mean all refuse or residue, including concrete and masonry rubble, framing lumber, drywall and/or site construction, reconstruction, repair or demolition debris.

h. “Hazardous Waste” shall mean any refuse, the handling or disposal if which, in the opinion of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection or Superintendent, would constitute danger to the public, Town employee, or to Town property.

i. “Yard Waste” shall mean sorted tree limbs, slash, hedge and/or garden clippings and small branches, loose or in bundles, not to exceed four (4) feet in length and one (1) foot in diameter. No stumps or filled loads will be accepted.

3.  DEFINITIONS – Categories of trash   top

3.1  Residential/Household Trash: any refuse and/or debris or garbage that is normally generated with a residential dwelling by the Owner or tenant of said property. Household trash does not include items such as refrigerators, stoves, or other appliances, mattresses, leaves, brush or grass trimmings, white goods, lawn mowers nor does it include household hazardous wastes, such as containers of paint, solvents, chemicals and other substances established by regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.

3.2  Commercial Trash:     Refuse and/or garbage that is generated from business industry, construction, and motels or rental cottages with three or more units of household trash collected by licensed trash haulers. All motels and rental cottages offering more than 3 units shall have trash removed as commercial trash and identified as such at the Disposal Area & Recycling Center.

3.3  Bulky Waste:  Large items of refuse such as, but not limited to; appliances, furniture, auto parts, truck bodies, stumps, whole house and/or principal structure demolition, and concrete and masonry rubble, tires, wooden and fiberglass boat hulls.

3.4  Recyclables:   Please see Waste Ban Information page.

3.5  Reusables:      Clean quality goods, workable, that are in operating condition or salvaged parts. Items such as functioning furniture, books, magazines, small appliances and small power tools or lawn and garden equipment which still may be usable, may be acceptable goods. In cases of questionable condition, the Disposal Area staff shall be sole judge of acceptability.


No vehicle shall be allowed to enter the Disposal Area except in accordance with these regulations.

4.1  Private Vehicles:       

All private vehicles bringing household trash must have a Town of Dennis Disposal Area and Recycling Center Vehicle Pass, permanently affixed to the vehicle, as specified at the time of purchase. Any vehicle with the vehicle pass not permanently and /or properly affixed may be denied entry or charged the appropriate fee and/or required to surrender the vehicle pass.

If the sole purpose of entry to the Disposal Area is to access the recycling area a special Recycling/Reusable vehicle pass will be required and activity will be limited to the recycling area, including the composting area.

All legal residents or real estate taxpayers will be admitted with their Disposal Area & Recycling Center Vehicle passes. These are available through the Department of Public Works. Proof of residency or payment of taxes must be presented with the registration of the motor vehicle. The vehicle pass is good only for the vehicle registration it is issued to and for the period issued.

4.2  All commercial rubbish packers must stencil or paint their maximum capacity in cubic yards and/or tons on the driver’s side of their vehicles.

All loads from commercial packers must come from the Town of Dennis. The contents of all packers’ trucks will be spot checked at frequent intervals. If any portion of their load comes from a Town other that Dennis, the packer’s license shall be suspended for a period of thirty (30) days. The second offense may result in a one year suspension.


Trash will be accepted only in accordance with the procedures outlined below.

a.  All loads entering the Disposal Area & Recycling Center must be covered and/or contained.

b. Except for that delivered by commercial packers, all cardboard paper or garbage shall be packaged, bundled, tied or contained in bags and disposed of in designated areas.

c. Un-bagged leaves must be dumped in designated areas. All bagged leaf and yard waste shall be opened and dumped in the appropriate area. Plastic bags used to transport leaves may be disposed of with the regular refuse, but shall not be disposed in the leaf and yard waste composting area.

d.  Anyone tampering with or damaging the gate at the Disposal & Recycling Center or disposing of waste of any type in the vicinity of the gate is in violation and shall incur penalties as outlined in Section 1.0 of these regulations.

e.  No random dumping, salvaging or foraging shall be permitted, except as permitted in connection with the recycling and reusable program.

1.  No individual or group may remain more than 15 minutes of an operational day within the Reusable Building or Recycling Area unless authorized by the supervisor of the Disposal Area & Recycling Center of designee.

2.  All reusable items are intended for personal use and not for sale or profit.

f.  As a condition of using the Disposal Area & Recycling Center, the owner, operator or person in charge of the vehicle transporting the waste material shall, upon request of a gate attendant, provide proof of or answer questions concerning the origin or nature of the materials to be disposed of.

g. Clean fill will be accepted free of charge.

h. Only wastes generated within the boundary of the Town of Dennis shall be permitted at the disposal area.

i. Small motorcycle frames (less than 250cc) and mopeds with tires and gas tanks removed are permitted in the metal goods area. There is an additional charge for disposal.


The following refuse shall be considered not acceptable at the disposal area.

a.  Hazardous wastes, including but not limited to dangerous chemicals, explosive materials or materials of unknown composition will not be accepted.

b.  Material of any kind or nature including ashes, that contain live coals or fire. Live coals may be dumped only with the consent of the gate attendant and then only in the designated area.

c.  Auto car or truck bodies and large motorcycles (over 250cc).

d.  Infectious, medical or radioactive waste will not be accepted.

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