Town of Dennis, Massachusetts
685 Route 134, South Dennis, MA 02660
ph: 508.394.8300
fx: 508.394.8309
Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I find the Mary Hagler Memorial Exchange Building?

ANSWER:  The Exchange is located at the Town of Dennis Transfer Station on Theophilus Smith Road in South Dennis.  When traveling south from Route 6 exit 9, after passing the Patriot Square shopping mall, make a left at the traffic light on to Theophilus Smith Road, follow it to the four-way stop, go straight ahead into the DPW entrance. The Mary Hagler Memorial Building entrance gate is located immediately on the left.

When is the Exchange open?

ANSWER:  The Mary Hood Hagler Memorial Building is Currently CLOSED until further notice.

Who is responsible for the Mary Hood Hagler Memorial Building Goods Exchange?

ANSWER: The Town of Dennis, Department of Public Works (DPW) recruits volunteers to staff the operation of the exchange.

What is the DPW responsible for in addition to the Mary Hood Hagler Memorial Building reusable goods exchange and are the Volunteers  paid Town of Dennis employees?

ANSWER: The volunteers, are unpaid approved members and are selected by the Town of Dennis Director of the DPW.  The Recycling volunteers also have the responsibility of promoting recycling of reusable waste items that are deposited at the Town of Dennis Disposal area.  For example a contest is conducted in the Dennis school system to select the graphics for the annual Transfer Station identification windshield sticker. Additionally, the DPW promotes recycling of all recyclable articles in addition to the reusable items handled at the Exchange.

How do I determine whether an item can be accepted at the Swap Shop?

ANSWER: First review the list of prohibited items listed above. Ask the volunteers if your item is not on this list. All volunteers must inspect and accept or reject items based on their condition

Why doesn’t the Exchange accept some items?

ANSWER: There are several reasons including health considerations (such as with mattresses), storage space considerations (such as furniture), operational issues (such as televisions, VCRs, Computers). There is also a significant cost related to disposal of uncollected exchange items that are of poor condition or quality.

What is the purpose of the Exchange?

ANSWER: The Exchange serves a number of purposes including reduction in the amount usable materials that are disposed of as trash.  The Exchange also enables less fortunate individuals to own and use articles beyond their household budget.

Do I need a Recycling sticker to use the Swap Shop?

ANSWER: Yes, a Recycling sticker is required, with the exception that if a resident/guest pays a per bag fee they may have access to the Swap Shop for that one visit only.