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Town of Dennis, Massachusetts
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Holiday Schedule
New Year’s Day
Friday, Jan. 1st
Sunday, Jan. 1st
(Mon, Jan. 2nd observed)
Monday, Jan. 1st

Martin Luther King Day
Monday, Jan. 18th
Monday, Jan. 16th
Monday, Jan. 15th
President’s Day
Monday, Feb. 15th
Monday, Feb. 20th
Monday, Feb. 19th
Patriot’s Day
Monday, Apr. 18th
Monday, Apr. 17th
Monday, Apr. 16th
Memorial Day
Monday, May 30th
Monday, May 29th
Monday, May 28th
Independence Day
Monday, July 4th
Tuesday, July 4th
Wednesday, July 4th
Labor Day
Monday, Sept 5th
Monday, Sept 4th
Monday, Sept 3rd
Columbus Day
Monday, Oct 10th
Monday, Oct 9th
Monday, Oct 8th
Veteran’s Day
Friday, Nov. 11th
Saturday, Nov. 11th
(Friday, Nov 10th)
Sunday, Nov. 11th
(Monday, Nov 12th)
Thanksgiving Holiday
Thursday, Nov. 24th
Thursday, Nov. 23rd
Thursday, Nov. 22nd
Thanksgiving Holiday
Friday, Nov. 25th
Friday, Nov. 24th
Friday, Nov. 23rd
Christmas Holiday
Sunday, Dec 25th
(Mon, Dec 26th observed)
Monday, Dec 25th

Tuesday, Dec 25th

hristmas Holiday        

Dennis Town Seal
Town of Dennis, Massachusetts
685 Route 134
South Dennis, MA 02660
PH: 508.394.8300    FAX: 508.394.8309
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