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Town of Dennis, Massachusetts
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The RFP's/RFQ's/Bids environment is setup in your Digital File Cabinet for your review. Two examples have been set up for review. Please read the instructions below and let us know if you need additional assistance.  

1. To access the RFP web page use the link below

Some changes to the "rfp" web page have been made, but you will need to complete the customization to reflect your town information..

2. Two new conferences have been created DennisMA_Procurement and DennisMA_ProcureRegistrations.

DennisMA_Procurement is where the web pages and PDFs will be created/stored.

DennisMA_ProcureRegistrations is where you will find the information for those who have obtained copies of the RFPs

3. These are the instructions on How To Add a new RFP

1. Login to First Class

2. Open the Digital File Cabinet

3. Go into the DennisMA_Procurement conference

4. Create a new folder for the RFP with appropriate name(e.g. OnlinePaymentsRFP).

5. Make a copy of the "MasterCopy" web page(MasterCopy is inside DennisMA_Procurement folder) and move it into the folder you just created.

To make a copy of a web page(MasterCopy) inside the same folder, move your cursor over the name of the file you want to copy. While pressing the CTRL key, press and drag with “left mouse button” held down. It will create a copy of the original file which you can rename and use as a template for a similar page.

6. Go into the Folder you created in step 4. Upload the PDF containing the Request for Proposal. Change the subject and name as needed to reflect the document content.

a. Subject & Names of the PDF can be changed by right clicking on the PDF, selecting Properties

b. When naming a PDF, don't use any special characters such as *,&,$,!, or spaces(something like "onlinepayments.pdf" is optimal).

c. Subject of the PDF, change the contents of the Subject Box. For Example, "Online Payment RFP Doc"

7. Double click to open the web page you created in step 5 and make the following changes

a. Change the "Link Name" to something unique and related to the web page content "onlinepayments"

b. Change the "Redirect URL" to point to the PDF containing the RFP. You need to include the full URL, for example,

8. Click the save and close button in the upper left corner.

9. To make the new RFP available on the web site.

a. Double click and open the "rfp" web page in the DennisMA_Procurement folder

b. In column 1, type the name  of the RFP that you want people to see on the web page. "Online Payments"

c. In the last column, enter the pathname to the webpage created in step 7, for example "/Pages/DennisMA_Procurement/OnlinePaymentsRFP/onlinepayments.pdf "

d. In column 2 & 3 provide details as desired

To see who has requested to view the RFP.

1. Open the Digital File Cabinet

2. Go into the DennisMA_ProcureRegistrations conference

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