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Town of Dennis, Massachusetts
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How do I reach the Harbormaster Department on the VHF radio?
The Dennis Harbormaster Department listens to many different channels. The best way is to hail for us on channel 66. Please speak clearly and slowly. If for some chance we don’t answer, try again. During the season, the radios are very busy, you may have been stepped on by another. If it is an emergency, and you can’t reach us on channel 66, try channel 16. If you still can’t reach us either call for the Coast Guard or call via cell phone the Dennis Police at 911. If you are on Bass River, call us by “Dennis Patrol”.


When do I call for Mayday and how do I do it?

Mayday by definition is (An extreme emergency aboard a boat when calling for help and aid)

Examples of a MAYDAY situation; boat on fire, boat sinking, medical emergency, person fell overboard and lost, boat collision, boat explosion.

How do I call for a MAYDAY?

Switch your VHF radio to channel 16  and say MAYDAY,MAYDAY, MAYDAY three times and identify yourself, and state the emergency. The caller should have as much information as possible: the position, boat type, geographic location, and any medical information that may be necessary.

Who can call a MAYDAY?

Any one on the boat or a nearby boater observing the MAYDAY.

What should I do if I called the MAYDAY for a distressed boat?

The caller should stay on scene and communicate with the USCG.  The U.S.C.G. will actively pursue and arrest any hoax calls for MAYDAY requests.

Remember to remain calm and always protect yourself, your passengers, and your boat.



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