Fuel Assistance Program

If you have been approved for fuel assistance and live in the Town of Dennis, you may qualify for extra help from the Town of Dennis.

To qualify you need:

  1. Approval from Fuel Assistance (South Shore Community Action Council, Inc.)
  2. Less than $3000 in checking and savings if you are single. Less than $4000 in checking and savings if two or more adults live in the home. (We need the most recent month's bank statements.)
  3. A recent document showing proof of residence in the Town of Dennis (an electric bill, or lease).
  4. Call Marion Prendergast at 508-694-2004 for an appointment.
  5. This program is open to all ages.

If you have not applied for Fuel Assistance, and feel you need fuel assistance, please call Marion Prendergast at 508-694-2004 to schedule an appointment.