Engineering Department

Duties & Responsibilities

The primary responsibility of the Engineering Department is to provide engineering and surveying expertise to all town departments, boards and committees relative to the construction, reconstruction, and maintenance of the Town's various infrastructure components which includes roads, drainage, sidewalks, parking lots, and municipal properties.

What We Do

In addition to performing various engineering-related tasks for the Town, the Department also is responsible for the following:

  • Administer "Street Acceptances as Town Ways" applications.
  • Administer "Temporary Repairs to Private Roads" applications.
  • Administer applications for Road Opening Permits within a Town road layout.
  • Liaison to the Dennis Road Safety Task Force.
  • Maintain assessor maps, land maps, road layout plans, and construction plans.
  • Maintain Road Pavement Management System.
  • Monitor road safety and traffic control issues.
  • Represent the Town on the Cape Cod Regional Joint Transportation Committee.
  • Review Commercial Site Plans and Monitor Construction.
  • Review proposed subdivision plans and monitor road construction.
  • Review Stormwater Management Permits.
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