Lockbox Program

The Dennis Fire Department lockbox program allows Fire Department personnel to enter your home without causing any damage. In the event that you are unable to unlock the door for the ambulance crew due to illness or injury, or if you are away on vacation and your fire alarm system has been activated, the Fire Department would be able to access your home quickly, without causing any damage.

Keys for your home are placed in a high security metal lockbox that is attached to your home with no visible mounting points that can be accessed for tampering. Every fire apparatus, including the ambulance, has a key that will open the lock box. Only the Fire Department retains the key. Keys hidden outside the home or left with neighbors are sometimes unavailable and are not secure. Having a lockbox provides security for your house keys, while keeping them available for emergency crews. Upon installation, the homeowner needs to provide a key to open the door to your home.

These lockboxes may be purchased through the Fire Department. Cost waivers are available dependent on need. Please print the application below. Once the application is completed, please return to the Fire Department and an appointment will be made for installation. For questions, please contact the Fire Department at 508-398-0363.