1. PB Agenda
    1. PB Agenda September 11, 2023 Stamped - Revised (PDF)
  2. Minutes
    1. PB Meeting Minutes August 7, 2023 Draft
    2. PB Meeting Minutes August 11, 2023 Draft
    3. PB Meeting Minutes August 28, 2023 Draft
  3. Public Hearing:
    1. Multi-Family Housing Overlay District Bylaw - Continued public hearing to review the language and district boundaries of a proposed Multi-Family Housing Overlay District Zoning Bylaw. The proposed District is generally south of Route 6, East of Route 134, west of South Gages Way and north of the bike path straddling Theophilus F. Smith Road.
  4. Current and Long-Range Planning:
    1. Town Planner update
  5. Other Business: Any other business that may properly come before the Board, not reasonably anticipated when posting 48 hours prior to this meeting.
  6. Next Meeting: Scheduled for Monday September 18, 2023