What is the Cape Cod Commission 208 plan?
  1. What are the plan elements and how are they of value to Dennis?

    The Cape Cod Commission's Area-wide Water Quality Management Plan Update ("the 208 Plan") has been developed to address federal regulatory requirements. The 208 Plan discusses the nitrogen problem Cape-wide and presents a suite of options towns can consider in solving their nitrogen loading issues. The 208 Plan's recommendations are based on meeting the goals outlined in each Massachusetts Estuaries Project (MEP) report. The Cape Cod Commission has designated each Cape Cod town as the Waste Management Agency responsible for meeting the Clean Water Act requirements for water resource protection. 208 refers to the section of the Federal Clean Water Act requiring a regional plan to be developed.
  2. The 208 plan advocates use of purportedly lower cost I/A systems and consideration of centralized sewer systems as the last approach. Is Dennis following this guidance?

    Yes, to distinguish between proposed scenarios in the Dennis Water Quality Evaluation and Mitigation Alternative Study, a detailed evaluation matrix was developed. Within the matrix, I/A systems were given a higher rating and centralized sewer was given a lower rating value.

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6. What is the Cape Cod Commission 208 plan?
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