What are funding impacts?
  1. What are the short and long-term cost projections to homeowners?

    Short-term homeowner costs will be determined at the time of construction. In collaboration with the WIC, the Town decided to move forward with three different means of cost recovery for the Recommended Plan. These include revenue from the Landfill Solara Fund, a 2% increase in the Local Rooms Tax Fund, and allocation from the Wastewater Infrastructure Investment Fund (WIFF). The resultant average tax increase over the 70-year period for a $350,000 assessed home is $224 using all three cost recovery methods.
  2. This is a lot of money. Can the town afford this?

    This will be an expensive program but it will be implemented over a 30-year period. This is similar to the Dennis Water District public water supply which has already been implemented.
  3. Is state, federal or other funding sources possible?

    Typical funding mechanisms for wastewater programs include general taxes, betterments, connection fees, infrastructure investment funds and user fees. In addition, more innovative funding mechanisms must also be considered in the development of a comprehensive funding approach that spreads the financial burden of such a program across all benefactors in an affordable way. As noted in Question/Response 7.A. the Town is implementation a variety of cost recovery methods for the program. These methods would be used to repay capital funds borrowed to implement the recommended program, which are typically borrowed via the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (SRF) loans for a 20 or 30-year period at up to 2% interest. Additionally, The Town is also planning to use American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) State Fiscal Recovery Funds to supplement the above programs.

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