How is the excise determined?

Excise tax is assessed annually, July 1 through June 30, (example: the FY2022 tax bills will be for the period of July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022). For the purpose of computing the excise under this chapter the value of each vessel, and its equipment, shall be deemed to be the fair cash value as determined by the assessors of each city and town, but not in excess of the following values:

Length of VesselUnder 4 Years Old4 to 6 Years Old7 or More Years Old
Under 16'1,000700400
16' but less than 17.5'1,5001,000800
17.5' but less than 20'3,0002,0001,500
20' but less than 22.5'5,0003,3002,500
22.5' but less than 25'7,5005,0003,800
25' but less than 27.5'10,5007,0005,300
27.5' but less than 30'14,0009,3007,000
30' but less than 35'18,50012,3009,300
35' but less than 40'24,00016,00012,000
40' but less than 50'31,50021,00015,800
50' but less than 60'41,00027,30020,500
60' or over50,00033,00024,800

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