What do I need to get an abatement?

In order to abate a Boat Excise Tax bill, the following document(s) is required along with a completed Application for Abatement and your signature on the backside of the Tax bill (top section on the back of bill) or fill out a Boat Abatement Form (PDF) and DEP Cancellation Form (PDF).

Additional Documents:

  • Bill of Sale or Trade-in paperwork showing the date of sale or transfer with all pertinent boat information. Please Note: If the vessel was sold, the Massachusetts Environmental Police requires notification within 15 days of the sale.
  • Copy of a paid Boat Excise bill from another town where the boat is Moored/Stored. The registered "Moored/Stored" information can be found on the Environmental Police website or via telephone at 508-771-8382 Please Note: The taxpayer is responsible for paying the town that the boat is Moored/Stored in, not the first town that sends out a bill.
  • Documentation Certificate from the Coast Guard, if a documented vessel
  • Re-registration of the boat in another state and cancellation of the Massachusetts registration
  • Commercial fisherman, provide a Schedule C
  • If vessel was donated, a copy of the donation letter from the recipient
  • If the vessel was destroyed, a copy of Total Loss Letter from the insurance company

Please contact the Town of Dennis Assessing Department with any questions at 508-760-6139.

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