What is a Cyclical Property Review?

The collection and maintenance of current and accurate property inventory data is a critical element in the development of uniform, fair market values. Accordingly, the Bureau of Local Assessment (BLA) of the Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) requires that communities re-inspect all town property, including tax-exempt parcels, at least once roughly every ten years. This continuous process of inspecting parcels throughout the town is known as a "cyclical re-inspection program".

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1. What is a Cyclical Property Review?
2. Why does the Assessing Department review properties?
3. How do I know if an Assessor has been to my property?
4. My neighbor told me not to let a representative from the assessors’ office into my house. Do I have to let the assessors into my house?
5. My neighbor does not allow the assessors in and I do. Am I being penalized?
6. Why do the assessors want to see the interior and exterior of my property?
7. Do I have to let the assessors into my home?
8. What is the benefit to me to let the assessors in?
9. Are you trying to raise taxes?
10. Where can I get tax assistance?