Are you trying to raise taxes?

This program is not an effort to raise taxes. The amount the Town can tax is regulated by Proposition 2 1/2 and the budget is voted on annually at Town Meetings. The goal of Property Assessment is to ensure that we are treating all property owners fairly and equitably. If we are doing that, then each taxpayer is paying his or her "fair share" of the tax burden. Our goal is to have your property information as accurate as possible.

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1. What is a Cyclical Property Review?
2. Why does the Assessing Department review properties?
3. How do I know if an Assessor has been to my property?
4. My neighbor told me not to let a representative from the assessors’ office into my house. Do I have to let the assessors into my house?
5. My neighbor does not allow the assessors in and I do. Am I being penalized?
6. Why do the assessors want to see the interior and exterior of my property?
7. Do I have to let the assessors into my home?
8. What is the benefit to me to let the assessors in?
9. Are you trying to raise taxes?
10. Where can I get tax assistance?