Does my activity need Conservation Commission approval?

There are several reasons why a homeowner may have to file with the Conservation Commission. Generally, if a homeowner is doing work located within 100 feet to any wetland or resource area (dune, pond, coastal bank) or in a flood zone, it will need to be reviewed by the Town of Dennis Conservation Commission. This includes placing fill, construction of a structure including, but not limited to, a residence, an addition, a shed, a deck or patio, docks, boardwalks, etc. the removal of trees or other vegetation within the 100' buffer zone may also require a permit.

To best determine if you will need a filing, contact the Conservation Agent in the Department of Natural Resources at 508-760-6123, or stop by in person. You should be able to tell the Agent the location of the project, what work is proposed, and, bring with you any and all materials that will help to determine if a filing is necessary. For example, the following will be useful in determining what kind, if any, filing you will need: Site Plans, Septic System Plans, Resource Delineations.

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1. Does my activity need Conservation Commission approval?
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