What constitutes an emergency?
  • A hurt wild animal that may pose a danger to the public.
  • A wild animal that becomes trapped in your home and poses an immediate threat to your safety.
  • Any animal that appears to be in distress (rabid, mange, etc.)

Other possible issues that the Department of Natural Resources does NOT constitute as an EMERGENCY are as follows:

  • Animals that may nest under decks, sheds, in garages (skunks, raccoons, rabbits, etc.)
  • Animals that may lay eggs on or near your property (i.e., turtles, snakes, etc.)
  • Animals that may wander through your property
  • Dead animals found on your property

You may refer to the Department of Natural Resources page on "Living with Wildlife" for helpful tips for homeowners by visiting the Wildlife Information page.

The Department of Natural Resources does not remove dead animals from your property. The property owner is responsible for the removal of all dead animals located on the property.

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