Arts and Culture Council

Funding Priorities and Local Guidelines:

  1. Preference is given to Dennis residents.
  2. Programs should serve a broad audience.
  3. Providing support for emerging artists.
  4. Applicants should provide more substantial evidence of their program, such as a recording or video.
  5. Preference for local artists (Cape-wide as opposed to off-Cape).
  6. Program needs to demonstrate a public benefit component (how will your program engage the residents).

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Jacquelyn Shea Executive Assistant (508) 760-6148

Board Members

Name Title
Kate Martin Chair
David Kaplan Treasurer
Lisa Valkenier Secretary
Emily Entwisle Member
Katie Gibbs Member (March 2020)
Patti Sowpel
Bonnie Eyman
Mary Fiset