Firearms Licensing

Application forms for new license requests and license renewals may be picked at the Dennis Police Department at 90 Bob Crowell Rd, South Dennis, at anytime, or by downloading a copy from this link to the Commonwealth's website: Massachusetts Firearms License Application

Firearms License Fee Schedule

  • Dealers License (including Gunsmiths): $100.00
  • License to Sell Ammunition: $100.00
  • Firearms Identification Card: $100.00
  • Firearms Identification Card - Restricted (Ages 15-18): $25.00
  • License to Carry Firearms (Includes license to possess machine guns): $100.00
  • License to Carry Firearms for Law Enforcement Officials or Local, State, or Federal Government Entities Acting on Their Behalf: $25.00
  • Permits to Purchase: $100.00
  • Non-Resident and Non-Resident Alien: $100.00
  • Resident Alien: $100.00

Procedure for Applying:

  1. All applicants must be a resident of Dennis.  
  2. Applicants for a License to Carry Firearms must be at least twenty-one years old. Applicants for a Firearms Identification Card must be eighteen years old. If you are between the ages of fifteen and eighteen you must have written permission from a parent or guardian to apply for an FID card.
  3. License to Carry Firearms and FID applications cost $100.00, including renewals. FID-R applications cost $25.00. The fee must be submitted when you come in for processing and is non refundable even if your license application is denied. (Checks should be payable to the Town of Dennis). If you are 70 years of age and older, there is no charge for renewals of a license, new applicants 70 years of age or older must still pay the appropriate application fee.
  4. A photograph for your license will be taken when you come in for processing.

NEW APPLICANTS for a License to Carry Firearms

Fill out and return this application with two letters of reference and a copy of your certification in the use of firearms issued by a State Certified Instructor (mandated by law). Some of the the certified instructors in the area who have registered with us are:

  • Mark Cohen in Hyannis (508-775-8975)
  • William Wildman in Eastham (508-255-2681)
  • The BRRGC Firearms Instruction Group (508-428-8550)
  • Steven Miles in Harwich (508-432-8036)
  • Christopher Blake in Dennis (774-212-0920)
  • Fitzpatrick Safety Training (774-521-9215)
  • Scott Doncaster in Harwich (508-341-7787)
  • Cape Gun Works in Hyannis (508-771-3600)

NEW APPLICANTS for a Firearms Identification Card (rifles and shotguns only)

  • Fill out and return an application with a copy of your certification in the use of firearms issued by a State Certified Instructor.

NEW APPLICANTS for a Firearms Identification Card-Restricted (Chemical Propellant only i.e. Pepper Spray and Mace)

  • Fill out and submit an application only at this time.
  • Required for applicants between the ages of 15-18

RENEWAL APPLICANTS for a LTC or FID card issued by this Town

  • Fill out and submit an application only.

RENEWAL APPLICANTS for a LTC issued from another Town

  • Fill out and return an application with two letters of reference plus a copy of any certification of training you had for your original LTC. 

RENEWAL APPLICANTS for a FID card issued from another Town

  • Fill out and return an application along with a copy of your current FID card.

After you have submitted your application, you will be contacted to schedule an appointment for processing.

The processing time for new and renewal applications is 45-60 days. Renewal applicants are advised to submit an application at least 30 days prior to the expiration date on their license. There is no grace period for expired licenses, but the law provides an indefinite grace period if your renewal application is submitted prior to your expiration date.

Questions regarding the department's firearms licensing process may be sent to Lieutenant Peter Benson.