Is my road a Town or private road and what is the difference?

A road is either “State”, “Town Owned” or “privately owned”. All Town owned roads are “open to the public” and the Dennis Department of Public Works (DPW) is responsible for all maintenance including snow plowing. A privately owned road can either be “open to the public” or “closed to the public”. On a privately owned road that is “open to the public” and therefore considered a “public way”, the DPW will plow snow and perform minor maintenance such as brush trimming. They do not perform significant maintenance such as paving and drainage. On a privately owned road “closed to the public” (a road that is posted “Residents Only, No Trespassing, or some other form attempting to deny the public access), the DPW does not perform any maintenance or snow plowing. State law prohibits the expenditure of tax payers’ money on these types of roads.