- Notice of Work - Town’s Wastewater planning efforts

Notice of Work - Town’s Wastewater planning efforts

As part of the Town’s Wastewater planning efforts, the Town has contracted Dawood Engineering to perform field survey along select roads in Dennis.  The roads will include those proposed in Phase 1 of the Wastewater Phasing Plan.  Most of these roads are located in neighborhoods in the southwest portion of Dennis from Route 28 and School Street in West Dennis to Main Street and Route 134 (south of Route 6) in South Dennis along with portions of Upper County Road and Theophilus Smith Road.  A complete list of roads and affected properties (as well as the proposed Wastewater Phasing Plan) are available on the Wastewater Implementation Committee page on the Town’s Website.

Most of the survey will involve picking up detail within the road layout.  The surveyors will, however, need to enter onto each of the Phase 1 parcels to pick up house sill elevations.  This will require one of the surveyors placing a survey rod at the front of the house and quickly taking an elevation reading.  A surveyor, wearing proper identification, will knock on the door to let residents know that they are performing the work.  Residents do not need to answer the door, acknowledge the surveyor or be home for the surveyor to perform this task.

The survey is scheduled to start the week of November 29 and take 2-3 months as weather allows.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Engineering Department at (508) 760-6166.