Town Administrator Report – September 20, 2022

Fire Station 2 Building Update 

Currently, there have been five (5) change orders issued most of the cost involving finding unanticipated quantities of unsuitable material which have been found onsite and subsequent material handling.  Working collaboratively with OPM, Designer and Contractor there have been limited impacts.  It was acknowledged at the beginning of the project that if unsuitable material was found it may impact up to 50% of contingency (currently at approximately 30%).  The onsite screening of existing material and re-use of material greatly reduced expense.  The Building Committee continues to review and vote to recommend changes as they a presented from the OPM, Designer and Contractor and follow the final approval process.

We are expecting much activity over the next two months:

  • Completion of onsite drainage infiltration
  • Installation of plumbing, electrical, drainage conduits
  • Delivery and erection of Steel frame
  • Delivery and erection of trusses
  • Installation of basement walls

There are a number of issues that may have had a negative impact to the schedule.  The above-mentioned earthwork, and possible delay with steel delivery and windows due to supply chain issues.  The construction team is working diligently to address these issues; expediting site inspections, shifting schedule of site work, expediting approval process all to avoid unnecessary delay.  The Contractor has prioritized as much work as possible to be completed by sub-contractors to start gaining time on schedule and as an example has brought in piping from alternate sources to keep the project moving forward.

Update shared at August 24th Select Board meeting

  • Back Filling and compaction of the interior apparatus bays are complete
  • Underground Insulation of perimeter of training room is complete 
  • Back filling and compaction of the training room is currently on going 
  • Excavation of underground detention is complete 
  • Civil engineer has been out for base of system inspection 
  • Excessive material is being relocated to the town pit for future use
  • Exterior underground insulation is complete with entire building 
  • Site drainage is expected to begin shortly

General Municipal Parking Lots

At the July 12, 2022 Select Board meeting, the Board voted unanimously to install parking signs at municipal lots by October 1, 2022.  This includes the following town-owned parking lots; Dennis Port Parking Lots, Upper County, West Dennis, and the Old Town Hall lots.

I am pleased to share the following update from our Director of Public Works, Michael Lavin:

All of the signs have been ordered with the "No Parking 1AM-5AM".  The installation locations have been inspected.  Existing sign posts will be utilized where practical.  Otherwise the Dig Safes are being conducted now for pole installation. 

Per the Select Board, the goal is to have all of the signs in place by 10/1/22.

Real Estate Exemption
Available Assistance Programs for Real Estate Taxes
On THURSDAY, September 15th at 12:00 noon the Director of Assessing held a discussion on options and opportunities that are available for senior & veteran residents who qualify for Real Estate Tax assistance.

If you have questions on options, or more information please call the Assessing Department at 508-760-6139, email  You can view the presentation here 

Reduction in Speed Limit in the Quivet Neck Neighborhood, East Dennis

At a meeting of the Dennis Select Board held on June 14, 2022, it was moved and voted to opt into MGL c. 90 § 17C, allowing the reduction of speed in thickly settled areas associated with the Quivet Neck neighborhood in East Dennis to 25 miles per hour.  The roads include South Street, School Street, Sea Street, Center Street, JH Sears Road, Pleasant Street, Cold Storage Road, North Street and Salt Works Road. The amendment to the Town of Dennis Traffic Rules and Orders was subsequently approved by MassDOT and 25 mile per hour signs have been installed throughout the neighborhood. Motorists are, hereby, notified of the reduced speed limit and that the Dennis Police Department may now enforce.

If you have any questions, please contact the Engineering Department at (508) 760-6166.

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Budget/Capital/Annual Town Meeting Calendar

Administration and Finance – it is hard to believe, however, as summer is winding down we are quickly moving towards budget preparation for fiscal year 2024. The Select Board commenced their Board Goal setting in July and have adopted a collective set of Board goals, which becomes a part of the budget process as applicable.  The Finance Director and I are actively working on the draft overall budget calendar including:

➢ STM October 25, 2022 Meeting Preparations
➢ Tax Classification Hearing
➢ Fee Hearing
➢ FY 2024 Budget Preparation, Reviews, Meetings with Departments, SB Review, Finance
                  -Committee Reviews.
➢ FY 2024 Proposed Capital Projects – Reviews, Meetings with Capital Program Committee
➢ 2023 Annual Town Meeting Preparation
➢ Approved roadway, building and infrastructure projects – Contracts prioritization and planning.

An overall calendar will be shared with the Select Board, Finance Committee, Departments and applicable Boards and Committees once completed.

Thank you everyone, have a great week!

Elizabeth C. Sullivan
Town Administrator