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Dennis town government needs citizens who are willing to give time in the service of their community. If you have ever wanted to give back to your town by volunteering on a board or committee, now is the time!  Below are committees with openings. Fill out the talent form here

Beach Management Advisory Committee

The Committee monitors fresh and salt water shorelines, identifies potential issues related to ongoing erosion, access, and activities that impact the natural resource areas, and advise Select Board accordingly.

1867 West Dennis Graded Schoolhouse Committee

The Committee shall be advisory to the Select Board and provide architectural and historical oversight to the 1867 Graded School House and Museum.

Solid Waste and Recycling

The Committee's role is to advise the Select Board on recycling strategy that is environmentally friendly, appropriately funded, and economically fair.

Advisory Committee on Disabilities

The purpose of the committee is to advise the Select Board on matters affecting the lives of the residents and taxpayers of the Town of Dennis who are disabled and on matters relative to accessibility laws.

Agricultural Commission

The purpose of the Commission is to encourage and facilitate the pursuit of agriculture, and agricultural based activities or economic opportunities in Dennis.

Alternative Energy Advisory Committee

The Committee shall assist the Town Administrator and Select Board on the investigation, research and consideration of siting and utilizing alternative forms of energy for municipal purposes, or the generation of energy for sale, resale, or distribution to or by commercial or nonprofit electrical suppliers, wholesalers or distributors.

Caretakers of Veterans Graves

It shall be the duty of such veterans' graves officer to cause every veteran's grave within such city or town to be suitably kept and cared for.

Climate & Coastal Resiliency Advisory Committee

The Committee will develop 3-year and 10-year plans of short-term and long-term goals for Coastal Resiliency plans including, mitigation, adaptation, flood prevention, emergency management response, and ways to address issues relating to climate change, to limit waste, and to decrease our carbon footprint.

Community and Economic Development Committee

The Dennis Community and Economic Development Committee shall proactively promote, encourage, and facilitate sustainable economic growth while preserving and enhancing neighborhoods and the environment.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

The Dennis Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee shall promote, embrace, and support the cultural enrichment of Dennis’ diverse population as an important element of a healthy and vibrant community.

Donald Trepte Memorial Scholorship Committee

This scholarship is intended for a Dennis resident, graduating high school.

Henry Boles Achievement Award Committee

Awarded to students who exhibit good citizenship and community involvement.

Human Services Advisory Committee

A long-range goal of the Committee will be to complete a needs assessment for human services needs in the Town.

Human Services Advisory Committee

The committee shall oversee the general maintenance and appearance of the Josiah Dennis Manse Museum and the1745 Old West Schoolhouse.

Library Board

The responsibilities of the Library Board are to assist the Library Director in advising and proposing recommendations to the Board of Selectmen.

Memorial Day Observance/Parade Committee

Water Quality Advisory Committee

The Committee involves itself in matters pertaining to, and impacting, the fresh and salt water quality in the Town of Dennis.

Zoning By-Law Study Committee

The Zoning By-Law Study Committee shall research, update, and foster community consensus on zoning by-laws of the Town of Dennis.

Recreation Commission

The purpose of the Dennis Recreation Commission is to provide quality leisure and recreational activities for all citizens in the town of Dennis.

Substance Use Disorder Advisory Council

The Dennis Substance Use Disorder Advisory Council shall advocate for a healthy community by promoting best practices for the prevention, intervention and treatment of alcohol, tobacco, opioid and other substance use disorders. 


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