FAQs - Conservation Commission Filings

1. Does my activity need Conservation Commission Approval?

There are several reasons why a homeowner may have to file with the Conservation Commission. Generally, if a homeowner is doing work located within 100 feet to any wetland or resource area (dune, pond, coastal bank) or in a flood zone, it will need to be reviewed by the Town of Dennis Conservation Commission. This includes placing fill, construction of a structure including, but not limited to, a residence, an addition, a shed, a deck or patio, docks , boardwalks, etc. the removal of trees or other vegetation within the 100’ buffer zone may also require a permit.

To best determine if you will need a filing,  contact the Conservation Agent in the Department of Natural Resources at 508-760-6123, or stop by in person. You should be able to tell the Agent the location of the project, what work is proposed, and, bring with you any and all materials that will help to determine if a filing is necessary. For example, the following will be useful in determining what kind, if any, filing you will need: Site Plans, Septic System Plans, Resource Delineations.

2. What is the process to obtain Conservation Commission Approval?

Upon submission of an application, the Conservation Commission will review the information provided and conduct a public hearing.  If the Commission determines that the activity will not have a significant impact on the applicable resource area(s), they will issue a permit within 21 days of closing the public hearing.  This permit may contain conditions that the Commission has deemed necessary to protect the applicable resource area(s).

3. When does the Conservation Commission meet?

The Conservation Commission schedules its hearings the first and third Thursdays of every month. In addition to the regularly scheduled public hearings, the Commission also may meet on the second Tuesday of every month for a Work Session. Be sure to check the Commission's webpage for agendas, minutes, schedules, etc. by clicking here.

4. Does the Conservation Office need to sign off on my Building Permit?

The Conservation Office (Department of Natural Resources) will have to sign off on your building permit application, prior to your filing with the Building Department. Please bring in your application during normal business hours (Monday-Friday, 8:30- 4:30). The Conservation Agent will not sign off any building permit application until all necessary documentation is in place with the Department of Natural Resources.

5. When are the filing deadlines for Conservation Commission hearings? How much is it for a filing?

You can find a full hearing and deadline schedule, along with a fee schedule by clicking here.