Off Road Vehicle (ORV)


Current Conditions:

The FLATS access is OPEN for Recreational vehicle access. 

Vehicles will be inspected for equipment and aired down tires at the main entrance. 

Tires must be lowered to 15psi. Ensure your 4x4 is fully engaged. 

Dogs are allowed ON LEASH ONLY. Dogs are not allowed within the Commercial Shellfish Grant Area (per State Regulations).  

ORV users are responsible for knowing what times the Flats access is open. 

Vehicles leaving the flats late will have their stickers revoked per the regulations. 

The sticker fee is nonrefundable.       

Off Road Vehicle permits are for the use of vehicles on Crowes Pasture Beach ONLY.

When considering an ORV permit, be aware that during Shorebird nesting season, as protected populations, such as the Piping Plovers and Least Terns increase, the beaches for ORV access may be subject to closure, particularly during the months of May- Sept. Staff cannot predict changes, and closures may happen without warning. Please subscribe to our E- Alerts to received our up to date ORV News & Announcements. To subscribe, click here

Permit Sale Policies & Procedures

2023/24 ORV permits may be purchased ONLINE ONLY. Stickers cannot be picked up and cannot be purchased in person. Please plan ahead.


  • Year Round Permits: valid May 1 – April 30
    • Residents/ Taxpayer: $165 each
    • Non-Residents: $330 each
  • Off Season Permits: valid September - May 
    • Flat rate - $110 each
  • Replacement Permits: Please note if you need a replacement permit for ANY reason, you MUST bring in the old permit.Otherwise, you will have to pay the full price again.
    • Replacement - $10 each



Below is the online application link for Dennis 2023/24 Off Road Vehicle Stickers. Stickers may be purchased online only by filling out and submitting the online application. Please be sure to provide all required information with the application. Once you have successfully submitted your application, you will receive an email notification of your order. Upon verification of your information by Town staff, you will receive an email that your order has been successfully processed and will be mailed to you. Stickers cannot be picked up and cannot be purchased in person. If you have any questions regarding the ordering process, please call 508-760-6148. *All permit sales are final and the Town does not issue any refunds.

Required Documentation:

  • Completed Application form (available online)
  • Valid vehicle registration
  • Dennis Property Owners - Copy of current tax bill
  • Dennis Renters - Copy of 12 month lease and 2 utility bills with renters name and Dennis address listed (No P.O. Boxes)
  • Applicable fee (checks are to be written out to the “Town of Dennis”)

Anyone wishing to obtain an ORV permit must have their vehicle registered in their name unless:

  • You have written permission to use a company vehicle (a vehicle registered under a company name must submit a letter from a company rep authorizing permission to drive the vehicle with an ORV permit on the beach)
  • Proof of ownership of the company on the vehicle registration
  • A minimum one year vehicle lease agreement  (any leased vehicle must submit a copy of the lease agreement along with the registration)

Each year you are required to fill out an application and to bring in the documentation listed above.


Registered owners and other operators must have a valid driver’s license, and abide by all Town of Dennis Rules and Regulations for Off Road Vehicles.


4 Wheel/ All-Wheel Drive vehicles may obtain an ORV permit. All vehicles using these Conservation and Beach areas shall be properly registered and bear current motor vehicle inspection stickers. All vehicles accessing the beach must display an ORV permit on the driver’s side front bumper along with having all the required equipment.



Inspections will be administered by staff before accessing the beach and at any time thereafter. Vehicles not possessing the required equipment shall not access the beach. If stopped on the beach for a spot inspection and you do not have ALL of the required equipment, you may be subject to a fine and/ or the loss of your Off Road Vehicle Permit. The following equipment is needed for an inspection sign off.

  1. Jack------------------------------- standard that comes with vehicle
  2. Shovel---------------------------- heavy duty
  3. Jack Plank -----------------------board no less than 12x 12x 5/8’’
  4. Low pressure tire gauge------must go down to 10 PSI
  5. Towline or chain-----------------heavy duty, at least 14’ length & 1400lbs strength
  6. Town of Dennis Regulations for Beach Vehicles                                                                                                                                             
  7. Tide Chart                                                                                                                                     

For additional information regarding ORV permits, please reference the Town of Dennis Rules & Regulations for Beach Vehicles and ORV Management Policies.