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HOW TO APPLY TO THE PLANNING BOARD (Special Permits/Site Plan Review & Subdivisions.  Alll other apps contact office).

Once the 6 items below have been submitted your project will be added to the next available Planning Board Hearing agenda per our Planning Board Hearing Schedule.


  1. REFERRAL FORM:  Contact the Building Department to obtain a referral form for your project.
  2. APPLICATION:  On the Planning Board webpage, under “downloadable forms” fill out the appropriate application.
  3. ABUTTERS:  Contact the Assessor’s Office to obtain the following: (a) A list of abutters within a 300-foot radius of your project (just immediate abutters for subdivisions), (2) Mailing labels which you will need later on in this process, (c) A copy of the most current deed of the property.
  4. LEGAL AD AUTHORIZATION:  On our webpage under “downloadable forms” fill out the Legal Ad Authorization form which allow us to advertise your hearing in the newspaper. The paper will contact you directly for payment of your ad.
  5. PLANS:  Submit a copy of a SEALED site or plot plan, as well as copies of elevation plans showing both CURRENT and PROPOSED elevations.
  6. FILING FEE:   Submit a check made out to Town of Dennis.


  1. Email copies of #1 through #6 (preferably in PDF format) to the Town Planner, Dan Fortier at [email protected].
  2. Submit THREE paper copies of all plans along with the filing fee check in an envelope marked PLANNING DEPARTMENT and place it in the drop box at the side entryway of Town Hall.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Daniel J. Fortier, AICP Town Planner (508) 760-6122
Eileen Gregory Principal Office Assistant (508) 760-6119