Road Safety Task Force

What is the RSTF?

The RSTF committee is charged by the Selectmen to investigate vehicular and pedestrian safety issues on town roads. We make recommendations to town officials for possible infrastructure improvements, personnel needs, or operational components such as sidewalks, traffic signs/lights, speed zones, etc. that enhance the safety of motorists and pedestrians. Our committee consists of 5 volunteer members and 2 staff liaisons (town engineer and police representative).

A major accomplishment was the Master Sidewalk Objectives Plan (see links) that was accepted by the Selectmen. The Committee is currently working on updating the plan.

If someone needs to report a traffic or safety issue to the Police Dept., visit the Frequently Asked Questions page for the contacts for the report.

Board Members

Name Title
Henry Bowen Chair (03/31/2022)
Phil McCarthy Vice-Chair (03/31/2020)
Paul Stankus Member (03/31/2021)
Thomas Huettner Member (03/31/2022)
Bob Surette Member (03/31/2021)