Solid Waste & Recycling Committee

Solid Waste and Recycling Committee Charge

The Board of Selectmen shall establish a Solid Waste and Recycling Committee Charge to be comprised of seven (7) year round registered voters and two (2) alternate members who shall be able to vote in the absence of a quorum. The Committee's role is to advise the Selectmen. Staff support will be provided by the Department of Public Works.

  • Develop a comprehensive and long-term solid waste and recycling strategy that is environmentally friendly, appropriately funded, and economically fair. This strategy should model the Massachusetts 2010-2020 Solid Waste Master Plan: A Pathway to Zero Waste, presented by DEP.
  • Develop and implement, with staff, plans that align with the Comprehensive Solid Waste Strategy. The measures should be designed to divert a significant quantity of solid waste to environmentally friendly processes.
  • Develop a list of suggestions for Town Departments to encourage waste reduction and recycling efforts in municipal buildings.
  • Collaborate with the Board of Health to review and revise the rules and regulations governing the Transfer Station facility. Develop strategies for commercial haulers consistent with Massachusetts 2010-2020 Solid Waste Master Plan.
  • Develop a strategy to gather input from, and provide information to, the community.

All meetings of the Committee or any subcommittee established by the Committee are to be held in a public location, properly posted and open to the public in accordance with the Massachusetts Open Meeting law. Minutes of each meeting shall be prepared and approved by the Committee within (30) days after said meeting and distributed to the Board of Selectmen. Committee members shall be mindful of their attendance obligations at committee meetings as identified in Section 5-10 of the Town of Dennis By-Laws.

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Committee Members

Name Title
Joshua Brimdyr Chair
Marla Vincent Vice Chair
Jane Stevens Secretary
Julia Johnson Member
Michele Kyrimes Member
Remo Vito Member
Ralph Macheselli Alternate