Sticker Fee Schedule

Sticker Information

• Beach and Transfer Station Stickers are available on-line.  On July 1 We will be opening the Town Hall lobby for sticker sales only.  Please see hours and details here.


• ORV stickers are available.  Application


We ask for your patience as we navigate during these uncertain times and please monitor the Town’s website,weekly press releases, and social media for the most current information and updates.  Thank you.


Beaches: (Available Online 1/13/20)

Resident/tax payer








Daily Parking - Monday - Friday


Daily Parking - Weekends and Holidays$30.00

Harbor: (Available Online 1/13/20)

Resident/tax payer - Blue area – West Side

$50.00 car only

Resident/tax payer - Blue trailer area

$95.00 car and trailer

Non-resident – red area, east side

$100.00 car and trailer

Daily Parking – East side

$10 car and/or car and trailer

Daily Parking - West Side$11 car  $16  car and trailer

Off Road Vehicles: (Available Online 5/4/20)  
Off Road Vehicle permits are for the use of vehicles on Crowes Pasture Beach ONLY

Resident / Tax Payer          




Off Season Permit (9/3/20-5/1/21)


Transfer Station: (Available Online Now)

Resident - 1st Sticker


Resident – 2nd sticker  


Recycling Sticker - only



To purchase Resident Stickers we must see the following:

  • Car registration, and
  • Home Owners - Real Estate Tax bill
  • Renters - Lease & Utility Bills
  • Leased Vehicle - you must show acopy of the vehicle lease (fist page only) and valid vehicle registration.  If you do not have the lease,  a copy of the monthly bill from the leasing company showing your name and vehicle information will be accepted.
  • Company Car - you must show a business card that corresponds with the car registration and a real estate tax bill. If the company car is leased, you must show a copy of the lease as well.
  • Trust – we will look up trustees names. Beneficiaries are not entitled to Resident Stickers
  • Children - minors (19 yrs or under) or students under 23 with a college ID and license showing age.  
  • Direct Family Member – (son/daughter, brother/sister, mother/father) of Property Owner that permanently resides in home must show driver’s license, and car registration (both showing Dennis residence address) and two bills that come to that address in that persons' name.
  • Older children – not residing at Dennis address can buy Seasonal Stickers for $180.00. Bring in copy of parents’ tax bill and copy of your birth/marriage certificate to link up name to owner.

To purchase Seasonal Stickers we must see the following:

  • A lease for 4 consecutive weeks or more

To purchase Weekly Stickers we must see the following:

  • Car registration

Replacement Stickers - $10.00

Transaction Fees
Checks: There is a $.25 processing fee assessed per transaction for all electronic check payments.
Credit Cards: