Wastewater Implementation Committee

It’s no mystery why protecting water resources is important to the town of Dennis. The very words “Dennis, Massachusetts” conjure up images of expansive public beaches, fishing and eating seafood, and enjoying a range of family activities centered around the scenic saltwater and freshwater bodies of the region.

Preserving the resources that allow these activities to thrive is paramount to maintaining Dennis’ quality of life and economic health for future generations. A reduction in the quality of our water resources will equate to a reduction in our coastal property values and, thus, an increase in tax assessments for inland properties. Dennis must plan ahead to protect water quality, develop infrastructure to support appropriate and desired community growth, and develop solutions that are economically feasible for our property owners. Delaying the process will only present the town with higher-cost solutions.

The Town of Dennis is wisely moving forward to address these important issues with a local, proactive approach. Through our Comprehensive Wastewater Management Task Force (CWMTF), we are working to develop a plan that reflects the Town’s unique priorities. The CWMTF plans to hold a series of public meetings and to continually engage the citizens and business owners of Dennis in a conversation about what approaches the town should take to protect natural resources and drinking water supplies, to preserve the economic viability of the town.

The Cape Cod Commission recently surveyed Cape residents and found that more than three out of every four voters agree that wastewater is a serious problem for our region. By more than a two to one margin, voters believe the quality of Cape Cod’s coastal waters have gotten worse over the past decade. And by more than a three to one margin, voters agree that something needs to be done about the wastewater problem soon, or coastal waters and bays will get worse, damaging property values and the tourism industry.

Cape residents understand the importance of the issues our region faces and are ready to make a difference. To learn more about the Dennis Comprehensive Wastewater Management Task Force’s current work, please sign up here to be notified when events are scheduled or public education materials are made available here.

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Committee Members

Name Title
Diane T. Chamberlain Chair / Board of Health Representative (Dennis)
James Bonofiglio Member at Large (Dennis Port)
Suzanne Brock Water Quality Advisory Committee Representative (South Dennis)
Joseph E. Bunce Board of Health Representative (Dennis)
Chris Flanagan Member at Large (Dennis Port)
Joe Martins Member at Large (South Dennis)
Paul McCormick Board of Selectmen Representative (Dennis Port)
Paul McCormick, Jr. Member at Large (Dennis Port)
Bob Mezzadri Board of Selectmen Representative (South Dennis)
Richard O'Hearn Member at Large (South Dennis)
Greg Stone Economic Development Committee Representative (West Dennis)