Zoning Bylaw Study Committee

The Board of Selectmen shall appoint a committee of five (5) Dennis residents, who are registered voters, to research, update, and improve the zoning by-laws of the Town of Dennis. Two members of the committee shall be recommended by the Planning Board for appointment by the Board of Selectmen. The three remaining members shall be from the general public.

The Committee shall present its recommendations to the Board of Selectmen, in the form of articles, for inclusion in a Town Meeting warrant. The committee shall be present at the Planning Board legal hearings, as provided by law, to receive public input on the proposed revisions to the zoning by-laws and shall be prepared to fully explain its recommendations at Town Meeting for consideration by the voters.

The Town Planner shall serve as Liaison to the committee and to provide assistance in the review of the zoning by-laws.

The committee shall meet in public session as often as necessary at a duly designated time and place in accordance with the requirements of the Massachusetts Open Meeting law to seek relevant input.

As stated in Article VII, Removal of Appointed Officers

[Adopted 10-26-1999, STM, Art. 16]

Failure to attend meetings.

Where not inconsistent with Massachusetts General Laws, any appointed official who is a member of a multi-member board, committee or commission may be removed by the appointing authority after a public hearing for failure to attend more than three consecutive meetings. Failure to attend, if not adequately explained to the satisfaction of the appointing authority, shall be considered cause for removal.

Updated on 08/29/06

Committee Members

Name Title
Dorria DiManno Member
Michael Hunter Member
Henry Kelley Member
Robert McPhee Member
Betty Nashawaty Member