Crowes Pasture Low Tide Access Calendars (Flats Access)- Access Per Calendar

The flats access will be opened to Recreational ORV access starting July 8th at 8:30 am

No Dogs Allowed within the Commercial Shellfish AreaDogs allowed elsewhere on leash only

All Vehicles will be inspected for equipment and aired down tires at the main entrance to Crowes Pasture. (next to the cemetery)

Please have your equipment easy accessible and tires aired down beforehand in order to allow the line to move efficiently.

Any vehicles found waiting at the west access gate before 8:30 am will be sent back to the main entrance for inspection.

ORV users are responsible for knowing what times the Flats access is open. We recommend you keep a copy of the Access Calendar with you.

Access times/dates are subject to change depending on the presence of plovers, tidal issues, or lack of staffing. Please check the calendar before visiting the beach.

Access opens at 9 am/closes at 4 after Labor Day. Access will be closed during inclement weather (rain, snow, sleet, etc.).

Vehicles leaving the flats late will have their stickers revoked per the regulations.

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