Planning Department

A major function of the Department is to manage the regulatory process for development proposals submitted to the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals under the Dennis Zoning Bylaw and the Subdivision Control Law. The Department evaluates development proposals for their compliance with the Zoning Bylaw and their impacts on the environment, transportation system and Town Character. The Department coordinates the public hearing process, meets with developers and their teams, neighbors and the general public, coordinates Town Departmental review, prepares thorough and objective analysis of proposals and writes decisions.

The Department works toward achieving planning goals and addressing long and short-term needs of the Town as documented in the Dennis Comprehensive Plan, and other Town Plans, in order to protect the natural environment, enhance historic character, manage growth, provide for adequate public facilities and help the Town achieve the Community Vision. The Planning and Appeals Department works with the Community Economic Development Committee to attract new business and encourage sustainable development and assists the Zoning Bylaw Study Committee in their review of the bylaws.

The Department assists the Town with the drafting and public review of Zoning and General Bylaws relative to development, growth management, protection of the environment and Town Character, and the provision of housing. The Department researches and prepares grant applications on behalf of the Town.

If you have a question please put it in an email to the Town Planner with as much information as possible and we will try to get back to you at our earliest convenience.

How to apply online to the planning board and zoning board of appeals