Dennis ADA-504 Self-evaluation & Transition Plan - May 2019

  • Executive Summary - ADA-504 Self-evaluation and Transition Plan (122 pages)
    • The purpose of the Town of Dennis Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Self-evaluation and Transition Plan 2019 Update is to document the results of the Town of Dennis' review of access to programs, services, activities, events, facilities, parks, beaches, trails and public rights-of-way by individuals with disabilities in order to determine if any discriminatory or potentially discriminatory practices, policies or procedures exist in accordance with the ADA.
    • Title II of the ADA requires that public entities identify and evaluate any barriers or potential barriers that may deny individuals with disabilities access to the Town of Dennis programs, services and activities. Identified barriers are to be remediated with projected dates for the removal of barriers identified in the plan.
    • The ADA Self-evaluation and Transition Plan Update serves as framework to develop a road map to enhance access for individuals with disabilities regarding the Town of Dennis facilities, programs, services and activities.
  • Appendix - ADA Transition Plan Facilities Needs Report - 2019 (789 pages)