Snow & Ice Removal

Procedurally, as snowfall begins to cover roads, trucks will be dispatched to spread de-icing materials on paved surfaces in order to reduce the packing of snow and ice. Once the snow reaches plowable levels, drivers will start their assigned plow routes with the principal focus being on primary roads followed by secondary roads, dirt roads are not generally plowed for amounts less than 4". Snow plowing continues as necessary throughout the duration of the storm. Certain weather conditions, such as severe icing or blizzard conditions may result in temporary suspension of plowing operations.

After a storm has ended calls and/or messages can be made to the Department of Public Works at 508-760-6220. When leaving a message please be as brief as possible leaving your name, address, phone number, and reason for calling. We will make a list of the concerns and address them systematically.

Please note that the Department of Public Works maintains direct contact with police and fire departments throughout a storm to ensure emergency access.

It is a violation of Town By-Laws for contractors or residents to push snow from a private way, driveway, or parking lot onto or across a town road.

The Department of Public Works is responsible for snow removal from all Town roadways and private roads that are open to the public, and meet the standards that are specified within the Town Private Way Snow Removal Policy (PDF). If a private way does not meet the standards set forth in the Town policy, that road will be placed on the Do Not Plow List 2023-24 (PDF).

Each year the Department of Public Works performs inspections of private roads to ensure they meet the minimum standards. Residents will be notified by local newspaper publications, local cable station advertisements, and/or door hangers if their roads fail inspection. Residents are notified in advance of the winter season to allow ample time to make the necessary repairs. Once these repairs are made residents may contact the Department of Public Works at 508-760-6220. After being notified the Department of Public Works will re-inspect the road and remove it from the "Do Not Plow List" only if the minimum standards are met.

The Department of Public Works is also responsible for removing snow at Town facilities including the town hall, fire station, police station, transfer station, library, senior center, and other Town properties as well as assistance to the school district. Route 6, 6A, and 28 are plowed and maintained by the Massachusetts Highway Department (MA DOT).