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The Town Clerk's Office will be sending out the 2023 Annual Census by mail at the end of December/beginning of January. This census package also includes a dog license application for those dog owners who need to license their dogs.

Please complete and return your 2023 Annual Town Census form.

About The Annual Census

The Board of Registrars is required by State Statute to verify and update the name, address, age, and occupation of all residents 3 years of age and up in preparation for the Annual Street List. The Board is also required UNDER State Statute to prepare a listing of dogs owned by each resident. Compliance with this State requirement provides proof of residence to each resident to protect voting rights, veterans' bonus, housing for the elderly, and related benefits as well as providing information for the selection of jurors.

Filling Out The Census

A full and accurate count of all residents is very important for many reasons including the basis for allocation of State and Federal Funds. The Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Technicians also use the Street List as an aid in the daily performance of their duties, as well as other municipal departments. The census forms do not register you as a voter. If you are a registered voter, failure to answer this annual census may result in the voter's name being removed from the voting list.

Boston Post Cane - The Town of Dennis's Oldest Resident

The Town of Dennis awards the oldest living resident of the town the Boston Post Cane. Learn more about the Boston Post Cane and our list of recipients.

Federal Census

The Federal Census comes to each and every city and town in the United States. The Federal Census takes place every 10 years where as the Town Census takes place every year. Local and state governments use statistical information that the Census Bureau provides to distribute money to cities and towns.

The last Federal Census was taken in 2020 and the next Federal Census will take place in 2030. Results from the 2020 census are available in the Related Documents.


Please call the Town Clerk's Office for assistance at 508-760-6112.

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