Conservation Town Land Rules & Regulations

All people are welcome to enjoy themselves without charge in all Conservation Areas subject to the following Rules and Regulations. Violations of the rules shall be punished by fines of up to $100 for each offense.

  1. No cars, trucks, or other powered vehicles or tools are allowed except on designated roads.
  2. "NO HUNTING" or "NO FISHING" signs will be posted if such is intended. If not posted, areas may be hunted or fished in season with a license and in accordance with applicable law.
  3. In these areas, no person shall cut, break, remove, deface, defile, or ill-use any structure, fence, sign or have possession of any part thereof. No growing trees, bushes, plants or flowers shall be defaced or cut, nor shall trails be cut or marked, nor dams built, nor any structure such as a lean-to, bridge, tower or handrail be constructed, without authorization of the Conservation Commission.
  4. No person shall engage in business, sell or expose for sale, or give away any goods, wares or circular.
  5. Rubbish, refuse and litter must be brought to and placed in the containers provided for such purposes or removed. Burying any trash is prohibited.
  6. Emptying holding tanks and disposal of human wastes on Conservation land and its adjoining waters is positively prohibited.
  7. Parties of more than twenty (20) persons shall be required to carry a special permit and shall name, in applying for such a permit, one individual in the group who shall agree to assume the responsibility for the activities of all members of the group while on the Conservation Area. Such a permit, for use of the Conservation Area, shall be issued only by the Natural Resources Officer, and he shall designate the area on which a party shall be held. A deposit may be required for this service and will be issued at the Natural Resources Officer's discretion.
  8. Animals are allowed on Conservation Lands only when leashed and under the control of an adult or licensed hunter.
  9. The following Conservation Areas will close at 9 pm: Crowes Pasture, Princess Beach, Simpkins Neck and the Romig Conservation Area. There will be a $100 line per violation.

This is to certify that the above Rules and Regulations for Conservation Areas were adopted by the Dennis Conservation Commission of May 13, 1975 and revised on March 2, 1989, July 6, 1995, April 18, 1996 and supersedes all previously adopted Rules and Regulations.

A true copy attest:
Donald L. Waldo, Chairman
Elinor E Slade, Town Clerk