Beach Weddings

Everything you need to know about planning a beach wedding on any Town of Dennis Beach

  1. Decide when and where

    If you are planning a beach wedding, we suggest you make your plans for after 5 pm (between Memorial Day and Labor Day). If you make it any earlier than 5 - every car entering the parking lot will have to pay the daily fee to park.

    Which beach is best for you? We suggest you personally go and look for yourself. View our beach map (PDF). A few suggestions would be the 3 larger beaches in Dennis:
    • Corporation Beach: Has a beautiful bluff overlooking the ocean
    • Mayflower Beach: Wide open flats at low tide
    • West Dennis Beach: Beautiful view of Nantucket Sound, plenty of parking
    All 3 beaches have handicap surf chairs available to sign out free of charge. These chairs allow better accessibility in the soft sand for those with any physical challenges.FAQ:
    1. Can we set up chairs?
      1. Yes chairs can be set up just prior to the ceremony and removed after.
      2. There is no saving or roping off of space prior to your wedding event. Meaning you can't set up at 8 am for a 5 pm wedding. You can not save a section of beach all day for your wedding. We suggest a 1/2 hour window for set up prior and take down after. Beaches are open to the public 24/7.
    2. Can we use an arbor/arches and decorations?
      1. Yes arbors/arches/decorations are allowed. Please be respectful of our beaches and clean up after yourselves.
      2. Please follow the rules stated above in question 1.
    3. Can we pay for parking for our guests?
      1. Yes you can pay for parking - but not ahead of time. You can sit at the gate when your guests arrive and pay the daily rate per car as long as there are parking spaces. If the parking lot is full - then you will have to make other arrangements for your guests.
      2. If you have a large number of guests, we suggest carpooling, drop off, or trolley services be used so that your guests are assured of attendance for your special day.
  2. Fill out a Facility Use Application

    There is a $150 fee to use the Dennis Beaches for a wedding. Please click on the link below to "Reserve a Facility" on our Dennis Recreation Page. Follow these simple steps:
    1. Click here to reserve your facility rental date.
    2. Under the "main menu" choose - Reserve a Facility. Follow the simple steps 1 to 6 to complete the reservation
    3. If the date and time you want for your wedding is taken - it does not mean you can not have your wedding that day. Please contact the office and we will manually process your application. Although rare - there can be multiple weddings at one beach at one time. The beach is open to the public at all times and therefore can be used for multiple events at one time.
  3. Enjoy planning your day

    Please feel free to call the Beach Department at 508-760-6159 if you have any questions while planning your special day. We are here to help you in any way possible.