Ambulance Billing

The Town of Dennis utilizes a third party billing agent to collect all payments generated by the Dennis Fire Department for the medical treatment and transport of patients.

Coastal Medical Billing

9 Main Street, Suite 2K

Sutton, MA  01590


If transported by the Dennis Fire Department, where should I submit my insurance information?

Please contact our billing agent, Coastal Medical Billing at 866-268-5200.

Where do I pay my ambulance bill?

For the most part, the billing is completed through your insurance company.  Occasionally, you may be billed directly. In this instance, payment should be made according to the directions on the invoice. You may also pay by electronic check or credit card Coastal Medical Billing Online Payment

How is payment made?

Coastal Medical Billing will work with your health insurance provider and process your claim.  Any balances due will be invoiced to you directly.  If you are uninsured, Coastal Medical Billing will bill you directly and payment should be made according to the directions on the invoice.  If necessary, a payment plan may be arranged with our billing agent.

What happens if I do not have insurance?

No patient will ever be denied or refused medical assistance or transport due to a lack of insurance. Any patient who has a hardship should contact Coastal Medical Billing to set up a payment plan.

What happens if I call 911 and do not need to be transported?  Will I be billed?

No. We bill only if you are transported.  You will be required to sign a patient care refusal form that releases all Emergency Medical Providers from any liability arising from your refusal to go to the hospital.