How do I cancel my registration (license plates)?

If you no longer own your car and do not plan on using your plates on a new car, you may wish to cancel your registration. You can do this with the Registry of Motor Vehicles. You can cancel them online or by making an appointment with the RMV. If you have AAA this may be a service they can assist you with.

You may be entitled to a refund or abatement:

  • When vehicle is sold or traded
  • When vehicle is registered in another state
  • Upon theft of vehicle or total loss
  • Documentation is required in all cases, no excise may be reduced to less than $5.

No abatement of less than $5 will be granted and no refund of less than $5 will be made.

Only canceling your registration does not entitle you to an abatement. You must also lose possession of the vehicle in order to be entitled to a refund. Cancelling your registration will prevent future tax bills.

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