Commercial Inspections & Contact Information

The Dennis Fire Department is committed to protect and serve the people of the Town of Dennis. The Fire Inspection office is obligated by law to conduct Fire Inspections. The Department is confident that through education and awareness your place of business can be fire safe for your guests, employees, residents and our firefighters.

By working together with the community, we believe these fire inspections will greatly reduce the occurrence of injury and the impact of a fire on your business. State and local codes require every business receive a regular fire inspection. The inspections will also ensure permits needed for your business are in place and current.

The best way for you to prepare is to review our online checklist. 

Fire Safety Guidelines for Commercial Properties (PDF)

Call the Fire Department at 508-398-0363 any time to speak to a Fire and Life Safety Inspector, or drop us an email. We also offer classes on fire safety in the workplace, fire extinguishers and emergency preparedness.

What to Expect During a Regular Fire Inspection:

  • A uniformed member of the Dennis Fire Department will:
  • Visit your facility during normal hours. We will make every effort to call and schedule well in advance.
  • Be courteous and considerate of your time and business.
  • Comply with the best time to conduct the required inspection.
  • Meet with you after the inspection to explain the results and leave a report in writing.
  • Reschedule a follow up inspection if required.
  • Information will be left with you to share with employees to help make your business safer and be ready for the next inspection.

What Happens After the Inspection?

The inspector is able to provide direction and suggestions to correct any violations or issues that may be present. Our goal is to help keep people safe, protect your business and keep you compliant with State and local laws and regulations.

Business Emergency Contact Information (PDF)

This information will only be used in the event of an after-hours emergency or incident at your business. Information will not be shared outside of law enforcement agencies and the fire department. All information is optional. Business owners please note: You must contact Dennis Fire with updated or new contact information. Updates are accepted as often as is necessary.