Basin Cleaning

Basin CleaningThe Town of Dennis has approximately 3,000 catch basins that require periodic cleaning. Sand and debris accumulate within the basin and interfere with the proper functioning of the drainage system. If you see a basin that is slow to drain, it may require cleaning. Without proper maintenance, a drainage system often requires replacement after a short period of time. We continually attempt to keep these basins clean and you can help.

It can be as simple as keeping the basin top in front of your house clean of leaf litter or avoiding using wood chips at the roadside. Any loose material by the roadway may find its way into the drainage system and clog the system. By routinely maintaining your property you may be extending the useful life of a drainage system. We appreciate all of you who keep the roadside clean of debris we thank you.

We appreciate all the support from the community and will continue to provide you with the services that help to make the Town of Dennis a great place to live, work, and visit.