Hunting Information

It is Hunting Season

TurkeyHunting is allowed at Crowes Pasture and Simpkins Neck. Please wear blaze orange and be seen!!

Massachusetts Hunting Clothes page

Hunting and Fishing Licenses Can Be Purchased by visiting the Massachusetts Fishing and Hunting Licenses page.

Hunting, fishing, and shellfishing shall be done in accordance with applicable State and Local Laws and will be strictly enforced while occurring in or on a Town of Dennis Conservation Area.

Hunting for in-season game is allowed in the following conservation areas as long as it is being done in accordance with applicable state and local laws: Crowes Pasture Beach, Fresh Pond, Simpkins Neck, and Roemig-Jacquinet. Waterfowl hunting may be allowed periodically from the Swan Pond Islands.The Water District properties also allow hunting if contacted for permission.

Natural Resources officers conduct routine patrols during the Fall and Winter to check sportsmen engaged in hunting. Checks are done to ensure hunters are compliant with the state and local hunting regulations along with firearms regulations.

Hunting Safety Online Map - click this link to view the hunting map layout within the Town of Dennis. (note) Orange and pink areas are for Hunting.

Please remember to refer to the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife Abstract for detailed information on hunting Rules and Regulations:

No Hunting on Sunday

  • All Antlerless Deer: A permit is required to harvest antlerless deer during any season in all zones. Permit MUST be in Hunter's possession while he/she is hunting.
  • Raccoons: On areas stocked with pheasant or quail, raccoons may be hunted only between the hours of 9 pm and 3 am
  • Crows: may only be hunted on Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays during the open season.


No person shall hunt during the pheasant or quail season on public shooting grounds on WMAs where pheasant or quail are stocked without wearing a "hunter orange" cap or hat except while night-hunting for raccoons or opossums, or while hunting waterfowl from a blind or boat. During the period when it is legal to hunt deer with a shotgun, all hunters, except waterfowl hunting within a blind or from a boat, must wear, in a conspicuous manner on chest,back, and head, a minimum of 500 square inches of "hunter orange" clothing or material. During the muzzleloader season-all deer hunters must comply with the 500 square inch hunter orange requirement.

Wear Orange