Traffic Enforcement Unit

The Traffic Enforcement Unit was established as a result of citizen demand for increasing the visibility of police traffic enforcement in the community. The unit is composed of a sergeant and patrolman with assigned hours of 0730-1600hrs.

Duties of Traffic Enforcement Unit

  • Perform daily traffic law enforcement duties by conducting visible radar enforcement singularly or in conjunction with sector patrol officer(s) if available both on major roadways and neighborhood streets identified for speed monitoring and control.
  • Institute any necessary community outreach programs to identify traffic safety issues in local neighborhoods and serve as police liaison to Road Safety Task Force established by the Board of Selectmen to investigate vehicular and pedestrian traffic on town roads and rights-of-way and advise and recommend to the Selectmen possible infrastructure, personnel and operation improvements that may be taken to enhance the safety of motorists and pedestrians and to promote and preserve a high standard of quality of life for the residential homeowners in the Town's five villages.
  • Prioritize and coordinate traffic law enforcement efforts by members of the patrol division on all shifts to ensure the department is effectively meeting the needs of the community.
  • Coordinate and/or establish public awareness campaigns and educational programs in conjunctions with the National Highway Traffic Safety Bureau, EOPPS, and Mothers Against Drunk Driving to enhance traffic safety including but not limited to programs to encourage the use of safety belts and child safety seats as well as programs designed to discourage drunk driving, underage drinking, and road rage incidents. The Officer in Charge of the Traffic Unit shall make periodic reports to the Chief of Police on the status of such programs and shall notify the Chief of programs scheduled before community groups.
  • Schedule and oversee placement of the Speed Monitoring Awareness Trailer obtained by the department as a traffic calming device and review data recorded by the traffic statistics computer to prioritize locations for targeted enforcement.
  • Oversee and coordinate seasonal enforcement of parking violations in beach neighborhoods as well as year round enforcement of handicapped parking violations in business parking lots and other parking enforcement issues as required. Perform other administrative tasks as delegated by the Chief of Police pursuant to his responsibilities of municipal parking clerk.
  • Develop and oversee traffic plans and control for special events and building moves as directed by the Captain or Patrol Lieutenant.
  • Assist Staff from the Department of Public Works with periodic inspection of intersections which have a high accident frequency to facilitate safety improvements as well as inspection of roadways to ensure proper warning signs, parking restrictions and posted speed zoning is maintained.
  • Maintain documentation required to ensure Town Traffic Rules and Regulations are updated as required.
  • Maintain documentation required to update and annually certify the Town's Master Street Address Guide (MSAG) for the 9-11 System in conjunction with the Lieutenant in command of the Administrative Services Bureau.
  • Ensure proper maintenance and certification of traffic enforcement equipment (radar units, breath testing equipment) is conducted at appropriate intervals in conjunction with the lieutenant in command of the Administrative Services Bureau.
  • Perform other duties related to the department's traffic safety programs as required by the Chief of Police, including but not limited to researching grant opportunities and technology to enhance traffic safety in the community.