Four detectives and one sergeant are assigned full-time to the Division. In addition to being responsible for the follow-up of general criminal investigations, members are trained in the investigation of specific crimes including rape and sexual assaults, arson, hate crimes and the sale/trafficking of narcotics and dangerous drugs.

Juvenile Unit

The juvenile officer handles investigations involving children and functions as the department's school liaison. During the school year he has designated hours at both the Wixon Middle School and the Dennis Yarmouth Regional High School.

Court Liaison

The Division is responsible for acting as the liaison between the department and the District Attorney's Office to coordinate the prosecution of all police cases in the district and/or superior courts. The Orleans District Court has jurisdiction over criminal cases initiated by this department.

Domestic Violence / Victim Services Unit

A civilian staff position is assigned to this function which allows follow-up contact to be made with victims of domestic violence and other crimes. Immediate support can also be provided to victims of violent crime during the course of an initial investigation. Short-term crisis intervention and counseling is available to assist victims through the initial phase of their ordeal and provide support up to the beginning of the court process. Contact is also made with people who have requested police services in a variety of non-criminal complaint categories to determine if a problem has been resolved or if additional police intervention is required.

Sex Offender Registry

The commanding officer of the detective division is assigned as the local liaison to the Sex Offender Registry Board. Information regarding certain sex offenders living or working in the community is available to the public. The detective division processes public information requests and handles sex offender registration as required by state law. Further information is available from the Sex Offender Registry Board website. You can also visit the SEX OFFENDER FAQ page on our website.