Raffles, Bazaars, Auctions & Yard Sales

Raffle & Bazaar Permits

Before conducting a raffle, M.G.L. c.271, s. 7A requires the organization to obtain a raffle/bazaar permit from the Town Clerk in the town where the raffle is going to be held.

Only non-profit/charitable organizations may hold raffles, bazaars, or other gaming events (i.e. Texas Hold'em or Casino Nights). The funds raised must be used for educational, charitable, religious, fraternal, or civil purposes or for veteran's benefits. Permits must be obtained prior to the raffle, bazaar, or gaming event.

Download the Raffle Permit Directions (PDF)

Please apply no later than 30 days before the first event you wish to hold. If you do not apply on time we cannot guarantee you can hold your event.

The Permit Application Must Include

  1. Raffle Application (PDF)
    • Includes the name and address of the organization (must be a non-profit organization and in existence for a minimum of 2 years);
    • The evidence it relies on to qualify for a permit (i.e. copy of charter or by-laws);
    • The names of three officers or members who are responsible for the raffle;
    • The uses to which the net proceeds will be applied.
  2. Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) Acknowledgement Forms filled out by three officers of the organization
  3. Beano Form (PDF) (green form) needs the date organized, type of organization and signature of the officer
  4. Annual Report (if you previously had a raffle permit)
  5. $25 raffle permit filing fee for new permits or $10 if you are renewing a permit from last year.

The Process to Obtain a Permit

  1. The permit application is submitted and reviewed by the Town Clerk.
  2. It then goes to the Chief of Police, Commissioner of Public Safety, who decides whether or not to endorse it.
  3. If endorsed by the Police Chief, it is returned to the Clerk who issues the permit.
  4. The Clerk issues a permit valid for one year from the date of issue and sends a copy to the Commissioner of Public Safety and to the Lottery Commission.
  5. The Lottery Commission sends a financial form for the organization to complete within 10 days after the raffle is completed.
  6. If the application is not endorsed by the Chief of Police or not approved by the Clerk within 30 days of applying, the organization may seek judicial review in the District Court.

Auction Permit

Every Auctioneer needs to be licensed or have a permit. Auction Permits are obtained at the Town Clerk's Office and are $25.

Download the Auction Permit Application (PDF)

Per MGL, Chapter 100, Section 10, "Section 10. No person shall conduct an auction without a special or annual permit issued by the city or town in which the auction is to be conducted. Application for such a permit shall be filed with the local auction permit agent and shall contain the name of the applicant; the name, address and license number of the auctioneer; the hours between which the auction is to be conducted; the location of the auction; and a general description of the goods to be auctioned. As to a special permit, the estimated value of the goods and the date or dates, not to exceed ten, on which the auction shall be held shall also be included.

Within six business days of the filing of an application for a special permit, the local auction permit agent shall either approve the permit subject to stated reasonable terms and conditions relating to public safety as he may establish, or deny the application on stated grounds, which must be reasonable grounds relating to public safety. Failure of an agent to act within the six business day period shall constitute approval of the application. Upon approval, express or implied, the applicant shall tender to the city or town treasurer the permit fee established by said agent, which fee shall be reasonable.

No person shall be eligible for an annual permit unless he maintains a regular place of business for the conduct of auctioneering in the city or town. Said permit shall be issued or denied on the same terms applicable to a special permit, except that an application which is not acted upon within fourteen days of the date of filing with the local auction permit agent shall be deemed approved. Each annual permit issued shall be valid for a term of one year commencing on the date of the express or implied approval of the application therefor. Any applicant for a special or annual permit who is aggrieved by the action of the local auction permit agent on his application shall be entitled to a public hearing by the appointing authority of the agent in accordance with the provisions of chapter thirty A."

Yard Sale Permits

Special Sales Town By-Law

Yard, Garage, and/or Barn Sale

Section 1: Such sales are defined as the sale, or offering for sale, of ten or more items of personal property at any one premise, used as. a residence, at any time; excluding such sales as may be conducted by a bona fide organization shall nevertheless comply with Sections 2, 3 and 4.

Section II: Unless specific written authorization is given by the Board of Selectmen, no more than one (1) sale shall be held at any one residential premise in each calendar year and any such sale shall not continue for more than two consecutive days and shall be conducted between the hours of 10 am to 4 pm

Section Ill: As a condition precedent to any such sale, written permission for the holding of said sale must be secured from the Board of Selectmen at least three days prior thereto.

Section IV: Any person violating the provisions of this by-law shall be punished by a fine not to exceed $50. for each offense. Each day that a violation hereof exists shall be deemed a separate offense.

Section V: Only one (1) on-site sign, six. (6) square feet in size, shall be permitted. No off-premise signs are allowed.

Section VI: Fees for Yard, Garage, and/or Barn Sale Permits may be established by the Board of Selectmen.

Ways to Apply