By-Laws, Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

  1. Animal Regulations (PDF)
  2. Banning Future Use of Septic Tank and Cesspool Cleaners Containing Organic Chemical (PDF)
  3. Board of Health Project Review Fees Regulations (PDF)
  4. Board of Health Regulations Enforced with Non-Criminal Citations (PDF)
  5. Board of Health Regulations for Housing (PDF)
  6. Body Art Establishment Regulations (PDF)
  7. Cemetery Rules and Regulations (PDF)
  8. Coin - Token Operated Amusement Devices (PDF)
  9. Conservation Area Rules and Regulations (PDF)
  10. Cross Patch Blueberry Rules and Regulations (PDF)
  11. Dennis Community Garden Rules and Regulations (PDF)
  12. Floor Drain Regulations (PDF)
  13. Food Service Establishments Regulations (PDF)
  14. Hawker and Peddlers and Transient Vendors Regulations (PDF)
  15. Health Regulations to Control Toxic and Hazardous Materials (PDF)
  16. Inspection and Maintenance of On-Site Sewage Disposal Systems (PDF)
  17. Licensing Board Rules and Regulations (Alcohol Regulations) (PDF)
  18. Licensing Regulations for Common Victuallers and Innholders (PDF)
  19. Manufacturing of Frozen Desserts Regulations (PDF)
  20. Pesticide Regulations (PDF)
  21. Planning Board Special Permit Rules and Regulations (PDF)
  22. Policy Respecting Food Service Holders of Common Victuallers Licenses (PDF)
  23. Regulation of Vehicles for Hire (PDF)
  24. Regulations for Parks and Recreation Areas (PDF)
  25. Regulations for Subsurface Disposal of Sewage (PDF)
  26. Regulations to Control Underground Storage of Fuel or Chemicals (PDF)
  27. Sale of Alcoholic Beverages To Be Drunk on Premises (PDF)
  28. Shellfish Regulations (PDF)
  29. Special Speed Regulations (PDF)
  30. Stormwater Management Rules and Regulations (PDF)
  31. Swimming Pool Regulations (PDF)
  32. Tobacco Control Regulations (PDF)
  33. Town of Dennis Licensing Board Rules and Regulations (PDF)
  34. Town of Dennis Subdivision Rules and Regulations (PDF)
  35. Traffic Rules and Orders (PDF)
  36. Waterways Regulations (PDF)